Bike specs "Godfather VII"

The 103" (1684CC) engine is designed and built by Zodiac's founder Ton Pels along with his son and Zodiac's general manager Vincent Pels (T&V Racing). The engine is fed by the latest type supercharger from the Swedish company J&M Performance, the Autorotor 2.1 RC. The complete engine is machined by T&V racing out of many kilos of solid steel, billet 7075-T6 aluminum, titanium, and super alloys like Moldstar 90, Nimonic 80A and Ampcoloy 91. Like the crank, crank cases, con rods, cylinders, blower drive, complete primary, slider clutch and many other parts. The "Trick" chassis, with a 100 Inch wheel base, was also made in house from 4130 chrome moly tubing. For the new Composite Body the team went to Swecomposite and the special aerodynamic windscreen was made by National Cycle. The front fork was designed and built by GCB, while Hyperpro did the finishing on the road holding. The new engine has a bore of 4.25" (107,95mm) and stroke of 3.625" (92mm), and has a fuel consumption of over 12 Gallons per minute (almost 1 liter per second!), it takes some fuel to produce more than 1000 Horsepower! To get rid of the heat better, Ton & Vincent made complete billet copper alloy combustion chambers, so called "Skulls", in the heads. New materials were sourced for the exhaust valves and guides, and the production of these valve components was realized by their sponsor Kibblewhite Precision Machining. On top of that, a special exhaust system was developed to let the hot gasses escape the head a lot quicker and in 2014 S&S Cycle has joint the Zodiac Racing Team with their valuable knowledge and support to develop a complete new cam galley to withstand the enourmous stress on the valve train due to the extreme cylinder pressures and high RPM. The T&V Race-team likes to express their thanks to our most important sponsor: Zodiac International B.V. as well as our other sponsors Spectro Oils of America, Kibblewhite Precision Machining and S&S Cycle for their support. Without them we couldn't have done it.

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Engine: 103CI Supercharged 45º 8-valve Top Fuel Super Twin Pushrod Engine
Bore: 4.25" (108mm)
Stroke: 3.625" (92mm)
Capacity: 103CI (1685CC)
Cylinders: T&V Racing
Pistons: Zodiac Venolia
Rings: Zodiac Total Seal
Crank Cases: Billet Zodiac T&V
Heads: Billet Zodiac T&V 4-Valve with copper alloy Skull
Valves: Kibblewhite Precision Machining
Rocker arms: T&V Racing
Swivel foot adjusters: Kibblewhite Precision Machining
Push rods: 1/2" Thick wall chrome Moly
Rods: 8" Billet Aluminum Zodiac T&V Racing
Crank: One piece Zodiac T&V "Pork Chop" with Plain Bearing
Cams: S&S Cycle, Inc./T&V Racing
Oil: Zodiac Spectro SAE 70


Gearbox: None
Clutch: Titanium 8" T&V Racing
Primary belt: 5" wide Gates Polychain GT Carbon 14mm pitch
Secondary chain: Zodiac EK 630 "Top Fuel"


Frame: T&V Racing 100" (2.54m) long, 14" (36cm) rear tire
Front fork: G.C.B. Italy
Fork spring: Hyperpro
Steering dampers: Hyperpro
Wheel: Zodiac Performance Machine
Brakes: Zodiac Performance Machine
Brake lines: Zodiac Goodridge
Body work: Swecomposite/T&V Racing,Carbon composite
Wind screen: National Cycle
Paint: Sam's Custom Shop, Purmerend, the Netherlands


Supercharger: J&M Autorotor HPS 2.1 RC (2.1 Liter/Revolution), 45 psi (3 bar) boost at 60% overdrive
Injector hat: Puma Engineering Carbon composite
Fuel: 90-95% Nitromethane added up with Methano
Fuel Pump: Kinsler Lil' Bertha 25 Gallons/Minute (94 Liters/Minute)
Fuel regulation: BDK Valve
Barrel Valve: Zodiac Kinsler
Nozzles: Zodiac Kinsler
Fuel Lines: Zodiac Goodridge


Ignition: Zodiac MSD "Nitro Harley"
Data acquisition: Zodiac Racepak
Injection and Clutch Controller: Electrimotion Command Module

Expected performance

0 to 60 MPH (100 km/h): 0.80 sec
60-foot (18.3m) time: 1.05 sec
1/8 Mile (201.2m) time: 4.10 sec
1/8 Mile (201.2m) speed: 200 MPH (322 km/h)
1/4-Mile (402.3m) time: 6.20 sec
1/4-Mile (402.3m) speed: 230 MPH (377 km/h)
Maximum Power: 1000+ HP @ 7200 RPM
Maximum Torque: 750+ lb-ft @ 5800 RPM