Bagger Blues

The latest trend in customizing is the modification of Harley Touring models, also known as  “Baggers”, because of the stock hard saddlebags. We took a 2004 Electra Glide Standard and started chopping. A 200 Wide Tire conversion was installed, the saddlebags were extended, an Öhlins front fork was put in for that perfect road holding and loads of accessories created the Zodiac Bagger Blues. With this bike we even went to the extreme by chopping of the steering head to install the Öhlins. But we also have the “Get-Raked” kits available for those who want to put in those whooping big 26” front wheels. And for those that still don’t have The Blues, the Zodiac Biker’s Book contains more than enough parts and accessories to make your Bagger look Rock ‘n’ Roll, Hard-Core, or any other taste!

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